PRock-solid AI infrastructure for your prediction and personalization delivery. Powerful analytics and A/B testing built-in.

Make the most of your
business expertise Data Science expertise Marketing expertise Product expertise UX expertise Content expertise Product Design expertise

Track user behavior. Create blended-AI predictions. Deliver custom experiences and A/B test as you go. All from one platform.

Graphical UI and dashboards for clear information and easy management

JavaScript based workflow for capturing user behaviour conversation and personalization

Intergrated metrics and events system exposed in real-time

Automatic scaling for all Services can handle all traffic

Easy canary releases and AB testing of intelligen: models

Built in statistical analysis of page impressions, conversion and other KPI’s

Behavioral tracking

Record and model interactions in real time

Track the user interactions that matter most to your business. Profile your individual users and produce actionable insights. Feed them into your data science models and predict what your users want to see when.

PrimedIO’s tracking components integrate perfectly with your every channel and device. Interactions are stored as events with properties you can define at will, available as both real-time stream and long-term storage.

  • Track unique visitors

    over time, across locations and across points of interaction

  • Customizable event types

    clicks, hovers, shares, conversions etc.

  • Realtime

    no more batch data downloads: stream live data into your prediction models

  • Customizable properties

    interaction by time, location, consumer-facing outlet etc.

  • Multi-channel

    web, mobile, app, smart TV, IoT - you name it

AI Blending by design

Machine learning that fosters collaboration

PrimedIO helps gut feeling and statistical modeling go hand in hand. It’s easy to combine machine learning models, business rules and simple lists right from the Admin GUI or APIs. This gives your data scientists and domain experts incentive to collaborate and empower one another.

The result? Ongoing cross-disciplinary interaction that creates superior customer experience and boosts your bottom line.

Bonus: for once, your geeks and operatives will start, you know, grabbing lunch together.

Prediction delivery

Full-scale personalization, beyond recommendations

Treat your audience to unique experiences, delivered to your customer-facing outlets straight from the PrimedIO backend. Recommend products and content, price and advertise dynamically, and even tailor your UI elements to suit each user’s preference.

PrimedIO delivers quietly and reliably from the background, freeing you to work your way with full confidence:

  • Stable, reliable, blazing-fast architecture
  • Your data, IP and predictive artifacts remain 100% yours
  • Use any model types and technology you deem fit

Powerful search

Relevant, reliable, 100% in line with your goals

Use PrimedIO’s APIs to deliver fast, dependable search across your channels and products. Search solutions are hosted by us, which means you get guaranteed speed, performance, and reliability. Fully integrated with tracking, delivery and analytics components.

  • Query rules and suggestions

    Influence results with your business savvy and their past queries

  • Personalization and custom ranking

    Deliver results based on user preference and your business goals

  • Synonyms and typo tolerance

    Clarity out of the box, complemented with your own dictionaries

  • Search filters

    Use pre-built filters or easily add your own

Advanced analytics and A/B testing

Keep an eye on your performance and adjust trajectory in real time from the intuitive Admin GUI. Leverage the power of interconnected components and a robust architecture to make the most of your data and personalization.

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Daily Searches


Gather and analyze data as a live stream and adjust delivery in real time with <100ms guaranteed latency.

Being relevant means being timely. If you figure out what your user wants to see by the time they’ve left, you’re already too late. Our advanced near-realtime tracking and low-latency predictions delivery ensure this never happens. Rapid development iterations mean successful ML applications – it’s called Machine Learning for a reason.

And you can learn the way you like. PrimedIO integrates perfectly with your tools, methods, and people. Not only you can train models with any framework or language you like; you can rely on the machine just as much as you’re comfortable. Using our blending functionality you get to decide how much the machine influences your human-curated content recommendations at any time.


No tweaking: our tracking, delivery and analytics are integrated out of the box. Want to use your own instead? No problem!

We’re here to empower your data science team and save precious time. Our three components come together perfectly and are easy to set up and manage from both the Admin GUI and APIs. Train models using the same signals used to query predictions and avoid the overhead of defining semantics across devices and platforms.

And don’t you worry about the logistics of downloading daily batches of your own behavioral data from an external provider. PrimedIO just works and neatly integrates what you want to track with what you want to delivery. No more time lost in reconciling various tracking systems, distributed over several platforms.

What happens if you already have your own behavior tracking, or a custom delivery system? You can use either with PrimedIO without extra hassles: the architecture is platform- and framework-agnostic, built with genericity in mind.


Track what matters most: long-term performance. The system can assign A/B membership across multiple sessions and KPIs.

Less sophisticated A/B variant testing methods assign A/B membership for each pageview over and over again. As such, they only allow for evaluation of very short-lived metrics, such as click-through-rate. This results in distorted optimization: for instance, “optimizing” only on CTR will promote clickbait content, which is rarely what you want.

Instead, sticky assignment means that A/B membership is assigned consistently across multiple sessions. One user, one consistent experience. This way you can track longer-lived metrics such as churn, repeat visits, time spent on page etc., and get a clearer, actionable picture of your users’ experience.

Build on solid AI ground

Leverage your expertise with PrimedIO and delight your customers with AI-powered personalization